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Commercial Epoxy Coatings For Your Property Or Business

Commercial epoxy coatings

Are you in need of a sleek-looking but high functioning flooring system for your business? Then ArmorGuard Epoxy has got you covered in Arlington Heights with our commercial epoxy coating! We're a licensed and insured team of epoxy flooring specialists, and we know better than anyone how important it is that your commercial flooring not only looks great but is safe for your employees and customers.

Commercial epoxy coating is the perfect fit for any commercial setting in almost every industry. The power of epoxy flooring is that it works wonderfully covering all types of floors. Industries that rely on commercial epoxy coating include:

  • Foodservice: Restaurants and other food-centered industries need hygienic, high-quality, high-performance floors to keep their workers safe and to stay up to speed with busy foot traffic. Epoxy flooring provides this and offers a gorgeous decorative appeal.
  • Retail stores: Commercial epoxy coating is the best option for retail flooring because it looks great and is easy to maintain. It also offers great traction for workers and customers alike.
  • Warehouses and garages: Being resistant to harsh chemicals and staining makes commercial epoxy flooring ideal for warehouses and garages. It can also withstand the daily use of heavy machinery such as forklifts.
  • Hospitals: Hygienic commercial epoxy coating is trusted by hospitals all over the world because of its resistance to bacteria and record for being safe. Its sleek finish is also resistant to heavy foot traffic, wheelchairs, and more.
  • Museums and car dealerships: Getting a true showroom shine is important if you want to present an image of professionalism and superb standards of cleanliness. Commercial epoxy coating is the perfect finish to compliment any showcase.

ArmorGuard Epoxy is your local commercial epoxy coating expert in Arlington Heights, and no matter what type of commercial space you have, our professionals with years of experience can get your epoxy flooring installed perfectly. We do this by using only the best products in the industry, as well as using state-of-the-art equipment.

For professional commercial epoxy coating results in Arlington Heights, trust only the experts at ArmorGuard Epoxy!

ArmorGuard Epoxy Is Your Trust Source For Flooring Perfection

At ArmorGuard Epoxy, we do much more than commercial epoxy coatings. If the floors of your home need some sparkle, we can do that too with our epoxy floor coatings! Giving your floors a beautiful epoxy finish will not only increase the visual appeal of your home, but they also make your life easier because they require so little upkeep.

General maintenance of epoxy floors is as simple as sweeping up and mopping with PH cleaner! Epoxy floors are also stain-resistant, customizable, and incredibly durable. ArmorGuard Epoxy has a wide array of color and design options for you to choose from, so contact us today and let us help you make your dream floors a reality!

ArmorGuard Epoxy is also your go-to team for concrete sealing and staining, decorative flake epoxy, quartz epoxy coatings, and much more! Always feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, and our team will happily chat with you about what flooring option will work best for your home or business.

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