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Experienced Decorative Flakes Epoxy Professionals

Decorative flakes epoxy

Decorative flakes epoxy is truly a marvel to look at in any Arlington Heights home or business. If you've been thinking about getting flooring that has a bit of glitz but is also tough enough to meet any demand, it's hard to do better than decorative flakes epoxy.

When it comes to decorative flakes epoxy, there are many colors to choose from. Perhaps you need a flooring that will better disguise dirt and shoe tracks due to heavy daily use? Want a bright, shiny floor that highlights the cleanliness of the surrounding environment? Or maybe you want something unique and glamorous and immediately draws attention? Decorative flakes epoxy covers all those bases and more.

There are many benefits to installing decorative flakes epoxy. Some include:

  • Low maintenance: These floors are easy to clean and are wax free. Dry and wet mopping is just about all there is for the upkeep!
  • Safety: Decorative flakes epoxy flooring is slip-resistant.
  • Affordability: Get a dazzling floor without breaking the bank. Decorative flakes epoxy is a cheaper option than a pre-engineered floor.
  • Attractiveness: The beauty of these floors can't be understated. With custom color blends and texture, decorative epoxy always enhances any setting.

ArmorGuard Epoxy is the epoxy flooring specialist that has been installing popular options such as decorative flakes epoxy in Arlington Heights for years. Every flooring by us is built to last, with an eye for detail so everything matches our customer's vision perfectly.

Decorative flakes epoxy is the use of vinyl flakes placed in between a coat of resin and a layer of clear topcoat. The result is a decorative flooring that wonderfully hides dirt and can be customized with hundreds of color combinations. If you'd like epoxy flooring for your home or business, decorative flake epoxy is a fantastic option to keep in mind.

Ready to learn more? Contact ArmorGuard Epoxy today and discover all you can know about decorative flakes epoxy in Arlington Heights.

Epoxy Flooring And Decorative Concrete

At ArmorGuard Epoxy, we always try to stay ahead of an ever-evolving industry. Flooring is our true passion and we strive to bring our community the best in available options. That's why we use only the best in premium products and equipment for every job that we do. We also roll up our sleeves and make sure every surface is properly and completely prepared beforehand so we can have your flooring looking the best it can!

While we love to lay down decorative flake epoxy for our customers, we also want to remind you that we do way more than that! We're also Arlington Heights' premium decorative concrete contractor! Our professionals can give your concrete an amazing finish with our large variety of color and design options.

Not quite ready to give your old concrete a new look? Something else to consider is our concrete sealing process. Your concrete may be tough but that doesn't mean it will last forever. Concrete sealing will weatherproof and toughen your concrete so it won't crumble, chip, and crack. Make no doubt, if you want to freshen up your concrete or protect it for years to come, ArmorGuard Epoxy is the professional contractor to rely on!

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