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Trust The Arlington Heights Area's First-Rate Epoxy Floor Coating Pros

Epoxy floor coatings

Ready to have your floors look better and last longer? Then the solution you're looking for in Arlington Heights is epoxy floor coating by the local professionals at ArmorGuard Epoxy! We're a licensed and insured epoxy flooring contractor with years of experience expertly installing epoxy flooring. If you have a home or business in Arlington Heights that could use the boost of epoxy floor coating, ArmorGuard Epoxy is here for you!

When it comes to layering epoxy floor coating, having the right materials, equipment, and technique to do the job can make the difference between a stunning showroom floor or a heartbreak. That's why our professionals at ArmorGuard Epoxy use only the best products and the latest in equipment when it comes to installing every bit of coat. We also thoroughly prepare all surfaces beforehand so that when we do the job, we're sure that it gets done the right way!

The Benefits Of Epoxy Floor Coating

There are many reasons epoxy floor coating is such an attractive choice for homes and businesses alike. Some of the great benefits of epoxy floor coating include:

  • Affordability: For a sleek, high-functioning flooring option that will last years but not break the bank, it's hard to beat epoxy flooring for cost-effectiveness.
  • Durability: Once dry, epoxy flooring becomes extremely tough and withstands heavy foot traffic and even heavy machinery.
  • Safety: Epoxy floor coatings can withstand impact, chemical spills, heat, and can even be slip-resistant. For safety at home or the workplace, epoxy flooring is the safety standard.
  • Customization: Not only are epoxy floorings sleek and beautiful to look at, but they can also be customized to match any design you may have.
  • Low Maintenance: Once installed, your epoxy floor coating doesn't need much maintenance. Most of the time, just a sweep-up is all that's required!

And so much more! If you'd like to know more about how epoxy floor coating can help your home or business, don't hesitate to contact the experts at ArmorGuard Epoxy today.

Your Local Epoxy Flooring Specialists

We work hard for our neighbors in Arlington Heights because when your floors look good, we all look good! ArmorGuard Epoxy is proud to serve our area with the best-in-class services when it comes to epoxy flooring. Don't forget that we also offer commercial epoxy coating that functions perfectly for any warehouse, hospital, laboratory, or kitchen floor. Have any concrete that could use a makeover? Our decorative concrete service can beautify any of your concrete floors for a fabulous look!

Curious as to what to expect when you have the professionals at ArmorGuard Epoxy service your floors? We always invite everyone to leave us feedback and let us know how we're doing! Check out what our wonderful customers have to say about us on the testimonials page. If you need to see the final product to believe it, we also update our latest projects page constantly to feature what we've been up to.

Epoxy floor coating for your home or business in Arlington Heights is moments away with ArmorGuard Epoxy. Contact us today!

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