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Offering Quartz Epoxy Coatings To The Arlington Heights Area

Quartz epoxy coatings

Ready for a beautiful epoxy flooring that's amazing to look at and non-slip? Quartz epoxy coatings may be just the answer you're looking for in Arlington Heights! ArmorGuard Epoxy is a professional epoxy flooring contractor that has served the area for years. No job is too big or tough for us, and no job is finished until it's done to perfection!

Quartz epoxy coatings consist of colored quartz granules that are broadcasted in wet resin. This coating is distributed throughout the entirety of the floor to create an attractive yet extremely durable epoxy flooring that can handle any task.

Some of the great features of ArmorGuard Epoxy's quartz epoxy coatings are:

  • Low maintenance: Our quartz epoxy coatings won't give you a headache when it comes to upkeep. Just sweep and mop when dirty and you're good!
  • Texture: You can choose what level of surface texture you want depending on what works best for you. This makes quartz epoxy coatings ideal for wet areas where slipping may be a concern.
  • Customizable: There are countless color blends and patterns you can choose from. No matter what type of setting you have, we can get you the perfect match for it with quartz epoxy coatings.
  • Cost: For only a fraction of the cost of high-end flooring, quartz epoxy coatings can give your home or business a regal look that won't destroy your wallet.
  • Durability: No matter how much foot traffic your floors will see, quartz epoxy coatings are tough enough to withstand it day after day. It's also resistant to impacts and abrasions.

Quartz epoxy coatings offer usefulness and high functionality to any area or industry. It's relied on to protect kitchens, medical facilities, pool decks, restrooms, locker rooms, and more. For people who truly depend on tough, high-quality floors every day, they trust flooring with quartz epoxy coatings.

For professional installation of quartz epoxy coatings in your Arlington Heights home or business, count on the experts at ArmorGuard Epoxy to get the job done right!

Offering Arlington Heights A Variety Of Epoxy Coating Services

If you're interested to know what other options are available, we also have many other epoxy floor coatings for you to choose from. From decorative flake epoxy to commercial epoxy flooring, we cover all the bases and bring a range of styles and colors for you to choose from.

ArmorGuard Epoxy can also take care of beautifying and protecting your concrete too! We have professional concrete sealing that will protect and preserve your existing concrete surfaces so they can continue to serve you for many years to come. Ready to spice things up a bit and give your concrete a bit of style? Our decorative concrete service is a spectacular way to add fresh color and patterns to your concrete that will always boost appeal.

Whatever your flooring needs are, we know that we can help you find the perfect fit at ArmorGuard Epoxy. We are always happy to answer any questions our community may have about flooring, and we're always delighted to discuss what our experts can bring to your home or business. Look no further than the local experts at ArmorGuard Epoxy for all your flooring solutions!

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