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Frequently Asked Epoxy Flooring Questions - Answered By ArmorGuard Epoxy

Many people haven't heard of epoxy flooring. At ArmorGuard Epoxy, we're more than happy to discuss all things regarding epoxy and what our services can do for your home or business. As your local epoxy flooring specialists, we are happy to answer any questions that our community has on the subject.

What Are The Benefits To Having My Floor Epoxy Coated?

For a stain-resistant floor material that's not too hard on your wallet, epoxy flooring is tough to beat. Homes and businesses can enjoy a floor with a bright, professional appearance that's easy to upkeep. Maintenance on epoxy flooring mostly consists of sweeping up at the end of the day!

Another reason people love epoxy flooring is that it's tough. Floors with an epoxy coating have a much longer lifespan than those without it. Not only this, but epoxy will protect the covered surface that it's layered on from moisture or stains.

Is Epoxy Coating Safe For My Family's Health?

When properly applied by trained and experienced professionals, epoxy coating is perfectly safe for you and your loved ones. An expert will make sure all the appropriate precautions are taken before, during, and after installation. Once your epoxy flooring has been professionally placed and cured, your floors will be even safer than they were before!

How Long Does Epoxy Coating Take?

Depending on how much preparation work must be done beforehand, you can expect your floors to finish curing in about three days. In many cases, you should be able to walk on your floor to a moderate degree within twelve to fourteen hours. ArmorGuard Epoxy will always take into consideration specific requests to suit our customer's needs, so if you must have your floors done by a certain time please let our specialists know before scheduling.

Is Epoxy Flooring A Project I Can DIY?

We understand; doing something yourself is rewarding and much more cost-efficient, especially if it's done right. When it comes to projects like concrete sealing and epoxy flooring though, we hope you'll carefully consider the risks versus rewards before you roll up your sleeves and get to work!

ArmorGuard Epoxy uses only premium products that won't be found in your local hardware store. Store-bought materials tend to be more diluted and aren't as durable as what the professionals use. We also have all the necessary equipment so we can do the job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Make no mistake, installing epoxy flooring can be a tough, time-consuming task! The risk of mishaps and mistakes can mean even more work. For the best possible results, rely on ArmorGuard Epoxy and have the job done right!

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