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The people of Long Grove have always put a lot of pride in the appearance of its town, and flooring is no exception! That's why when Long Grove needs beautiful epoxy flooring installed the right way, they count on the experts at ArmorGuard Epoxy! ArmorGuard Epoxy is an experienced, professional epoxy flooring contractor serving Long Grove and the surrounding areas. We're confident that whatever your flooring needs are, we have the solution that will work for you!

Having epoxy flooring installed is a lot like having a new roof put in. It needs to be done carefully and be done right! Don't leave it to the amateurs, ArmorGuard Epoxy always applies our epoxy flooring in Long Grove with a steady hand and a keen eye for detail. You should also be assured that it doesn't matter what size and space you need to be covered, there's no job too tough for ArmorGuard Epoxy!

We install epoxy flooring in many different commercial and residential areas. Some of the places it works fantastic for include:

  • Restaurants and kitchens: It's important that any floor in a restaurant or kitchen be extra safe. Epoxy flooring has options that make it highly resistant to slipping, and spilled food won't penetrate the surface to leave stains.
  • Garages and auto dealerships: Don't worry about chemicals hitting the ground with epoxy flooring. It not only stands up to spills of all kinds but can also endure heavy vehicles and tool drops.
  • Shopping centers: Epoxy flooring is perfect for day to day, busy foot traffic. It's safe and easy to clean making it ideal for shop owners everywhere.
  • Living rooms: For beautiful hard flooring that won't cost a fortune, forget the high-end stuff. Epoxy flooring is the solution you want.

Ready to find out more? Contact your Long Grove epoxy flooring experts at ArmorGuard Epoxy today!

Choose Epoxy Floor Coating That Work For Any Of Your Long Grove Needs

For every requirement, there is an epoxy floor coating that meets the demand. ArmorGuard Epoxy in Long Grove would be delighted to help you make the best decision for your residential or commercial property.

We have many options to choose from, including decorative flake epoxy. Decorative flakes epoxy is fantastic for when you need durable flooring that also dazzles. There are many different types of colorways to choose from so you can get the flooring that best suits your environment.

Decorative Concrete Can Make Your Long Grove Concrete Fabulous

At ArmorGuard Epoxy, we promise that you will love the benefits that decorative concrete can bring your Long Grove home. We dedicate all of our hard work and craftsmanship to getting your concrete looking palatial quality.

Decorative concrete is the perfect way to implement amazing designs and color to your concrete. Think about your patio, pool deck, or driveway. Wouldn't it look much better with a little style to it? Decorative concrete is the way to get that, and with endless color options available, we're sure you can get the looks of your dreams with ArmorGuard Epoxy's decorative concrete service.

For the best workmanship and quality, you don't need to look any further than ArmorGuard Epoxy in Long Grove. Our specialists are standing by to assist you with any of your flooring needs. Reach out to us today!

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