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The Benefits Of Concrete Sealing

Concreate sealing

Nobody thinks too much about concrete. We walk on it, bike across it, drive over it, sometimes even play hopscotch on it, but for the most part, concrete is one of those things that is just there. It exists and serves its purpose and we take advantage of that. That's usually the end of the story as far as what we think about our concrete. It deserves a good bit more attention than that though.

Concrete is used all over the world for all kinds of applications. Everything from driveways to patios, garage floors, sidewalks, and porches. I think it's safe to say that most of the concrete you'll find is outdoors or at least partially exposed to the outdoors. Concrete isn't invincible, and no matter how tough a substance is, leave it to the elements and in time it will be broken down.

Mother Nature Versus Concrete

Concrete is tough, but it can only stand up so long against Mother Nature. No matter what climate you live in, there's going to be particles and elements constantly attacking your concrete surfaces, and sooner or later concrete will always lose.

Because concrete is porous, it's prone to liquids and moisture seeping in. If you're somewhere that gets icy cold weather, your concrete could freeze over, this can destroy the surface of unsealed concrete. Not only that, moisture can bring with it mold and algae. These substances will eventually cause your concrete to crack as well as be an eyesore.

Do you live somewhere that's hot and dry? Intense ultraviolet rays can cause your concrete to have a faded look, and dust and dirt can get baked in. This isn't all too appealing to look at, needless to say.

Protect Your Concrete With Concrete Sealing

Concrete sealing is the solution to protecting and preserving your concrete. A lot like epoxy flooring, sealed concrete is practically weather and stain proof. When done by experts such as ArmorGuard Epoxy, you can expect your sealed concrete to stay strong and last years. Concrete sealing:

  • Prevents moisture damage: Instead of sinking in, water will roll off your concrete.
  • Is stain resistant: rotting vegetable matter, mud, and even bird droppings can leave their mark on your concrete and be tough to get out. A sealant will ensure they don't go any further than the surface.
  • Prevents mold and algae growth: These substances can not only become a slipping hazard, but they will also cause your concrete to crack and crumble. A sealant will prevent this.
  • Makes your concrete look better: Once properly applied by professionals, sealed concrete has a nice shiny polish to it that looks much better than unsealed concrete.

When it comes to concrete, protect and preserve it with professional concrete sealing by ArmorGuard Epoxy. We're experts at treating your concrete as well as epoxy flooring. We can even bring an entirely fresh look to your concrete with our decorative concrete service.

If you're ready to have your concrete protected in Arlington Heights, don't leave it up to amateurs; contact the concrete sealing experts at ArmorGuard Epoxy today!

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