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Decorative Concrete For Your Arlington Heights Home

Decorative concrete

If you want your concrete in Arlington Heights to look great, ArmorGuard Epoxy has a decorative concrete and epoxy flooring service that's perfect for you! We know that the functionality of concrete surfaces is more than just being tough—it should also look good and compliment the rest of your home! That's why the professionals at ArmorGuard Epoxy are delighted to help your home look the best it can with our expert decorative concrete service.

Decorative concrete is a fantastic way to beautify your existing concrete areas without the hefty price tag of a complete remodel. Decorative concrete uses eco-friendly safe chemicals to change the way your concrete looks. Your concrete can be made to look like wood, marble, granite, brick, slate, and much more! The results are truly astonishing.

One of the best things about decorative concrete is its durability and customization options. Concrete can be repaired, weatherproofed, and can even be made slip-resistant thanks to the always evolving state of the industry. This means that anywhere in your home that you have concrete, you can make it look better and perform better.

Where are some of the best places to use decorative concrete? Some favorite choices include:

  • Patios: Decorative concrete can take your patio to the next level. There are many design and color options to choose from and our experts can help you achieve any look you desire.
  • Sidewalks: If your sidewalks are made of concrete, why not have them stand out with your choice of wonderful colors and designs.
  • Pool decks: ArmorGuard Epoxy can bring your pool area a high-end look with our expertise. Let us turn your pool into a paradise with decorative concrete!
  • Driveways: Whatever style you have in mind for your driveway, ArmorGuard Epoxy can make your vision a reality!
  • Garages: Bring some real class to your garage by adding colors and unique patterns.
  • Commercial buildings: A stylish, unique look is always an attractive way to impress your clientele. Bring your business a sleek new look with decorative concrete!

And so much more! Decorative concrete is the perfect way to make your home or business more stylish and boost curb appeal. Keep in mind also that maintaining decorative concrete is as simple as sweeping and mopping! It truly is the ideal flooring for any home or business.

When you're ready to makeover your concrete in Arlington Heights, trust no other than ArmorGuard Epoxy for your decorative concrete solutions!

ArmorGuard Epoxy Are Your Local Flooring Experts

With years of experience under our belt servicing our community with decorative concrete solutions, epoxy flooring, concrete sealing, and more, we're confident that you're going to love what we can bring to your home or business. We use only the best products and equipment in the industry to make sure that every job we do is done the best way possible.

If you're interested in something else besides decorative concrete, we also offer excellent decorative flakes epoxy for your floors as well! The properties of decorative flake epoxy are perfect for completely customizing your residential or commercial flooring with a wide variety of colors, blends, and textures.

Contact ArmorGuard Epoxy today and we're happy to discuss whatever flooring ideas you may have in mind.

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